L E  K A T   |   M U S I C I A N

Le Kat, a jazzy chanteuse, recently contacted me about adapting her sketch into a digital logo.  Her main desires were for it to not only be 3D, but also have a bit of an M.C. Escher feel to it - not quite perfect (hence the cat not being in 3d and the stems of the "a" and "t" are off in regard to perspective).  She also wanted a gold sheen, and we decided together on a foil-like texture.

Below Is the original sketch and the resulting digital logo:
Le Kat also wanted to have branded art deco band stands for her live show.  Incorporating imagery she had previously used on marketing collateral such as business cards and flyers as well as the new logo and colors, I created a 16"x40" design to be printed on the band stands: