"Clean water in every glass."
When brainstorming ideas for my final project at UW-Stout, Iknew I wanted to do something that would help the greater good. Clean water andsanitation was a key issue that stuck out to me. Globally, almost 1.9million children die each year from diarrheal diseases caused by unsafedrinking water, inadequate sanitation facilities and poor hygiene eachyear. It is the second largest cause of child mortality accounting for 15percent of child deaths globally. I came across a chlorine dispenser thathad been installed in water well sites in developing countries. The idea behindthis concept is that tiny dosages of chlorine mix with the water while it isbeing carried home from the water well site. The program would educatecommunities on proper sanitation and how to use the dispensers.

“Halfull” is what I decided to name of my non-profitorganization. I liked the idea of “the glass being halfull” and that everyonedeserved a clean glass of drinking water. From there, I wanted to give thenon-profit a unique twist; the ability for people to donate points and or moneythat they earn through their everyday local recycling program. This was also appealing to me because theprogram continues to encourage the recycling of basic household items at homewhile providing people the ability to use these points to address and solve aglobal issue. Merchandise is sold online and the proceeds go to installingdispensers and educating communities. Halfull has everything from drinkingglasses and water bottles, to t-shirts and pins. Social media outlets allowpeople to share their purchases and donations with friends. Getting people involvedwith a cause, telling them what they can do to help and keeping them updated onwhat we are working on is a great way to grow a small business. How do you lookat the glass? A simple idea that can go a long way.

Logo Ideation
Brand Guidelines
Stationary (Mailer, Letterhead, Fax Sheet, Cd, Business Card, Folder, Stamp Coasters, Pins)
Merchandise (Dispenser, Pitcher, Water Bottles & Coaster, Glass Water Bottles and Drinking Glasses)
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