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    Selected web design & development for efficient digital products & startups
ARTKAI Web Works

We are globally trusted designers & developers for efficient digital products. 
Here are our selected web design and development projects.
Cardrop                                                Online Marketplace
ProCredit                                                  German Bank
TokeIn                                               e-commerce dashboard
Getsurance                                         Insurance Company
Insurance, SAAS, clean responsive layout, web application, web site,  innovative landing, CTA, online insurance, funny icons
simple user interface, startup landing page, ux ui design, mobile landing, artkai, support, modern landing, techsurance
Agraria                                                Agricultural Website
Pierre Boulez Saal                                    Concert Hall
Concert hall, clean responsive layout,  music, web site, simple booking system, preorder, online purchase, event calendar, 
simple user interface, berlin startup, ux ui design, classic music, crisp minimal interface, bold typography, white space.
Canopy                                            Personal Financial Data
SAAS, crypto, Bitcoin, blockchain, clean responsive layout, fintech, website, web site,  innovative platform, financial platform, data
aggregation,anonymous, crisp user interface, bank startup landing page, simple UI design, visualization platform, user experience 
iFunded                                          Real Estate Crowdfunding
Real Estate, clean responsive layout,  web app, web site,  crowdfunding platform, investment, online purchase, retail store 
website, simple user interface, startup landing page, ui ux design, calculator, timeline, dashboard, real estate funding.
Venque Online boutique                           Bag Brand
E-commerce, clean responsive layout,  eCommerce, web site,  fashion, order, online purchase, retail store
website, simple user interface, startup landing page, ux ui design, bags, shop, animation.
Marketing Web Application                Digital Ads Platform
Dashboard, Web app,  ecommerce, web site,  innovative marketing, advertisement, online purchase, cpa, ppc website, 
simple user interface, startup landing page, targeting, analytics, reports, report, graphics.
Real Estate UAE                                      Real Estate
Augmented reality system, clean responsive layout,  ecommerce, web site,  innovative headset, preorder, online purchase, retail shop website, 
simple user interface, startup landing page, ux ui design, virtual reality device, vr ar, camera hardware, wearable technology.
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