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History of a photograph
This project presents the most artistic and unique work of a group of a photographers in the period between 1950-1970.Some of these photos are available as digital prints.
this series is taken from Egypt travel magazine.

camping RED SEA (photo Anderson) 1959
A group of Youth Hostels Association members roaming in sinai,1965
Sokhna beach, The mountains dominate the sea 1959
SUEZ road 1959
boats on the nile,1960
from the deck of his ship this tourist takes a look at the quays of Port Said,1959
fishing boats at the canal,1958
Over 6,500 flash lamps were used connected with electric wires about 13 miles long. Sphinx at night ,1959
Cairo university with the great pyramids in the background,1959
At Rosetta at the mouth of the nile the mosque of Abu Mandour,1955
Wild duck shooting,1955
The lessons were given in what are know as ''halaqas''  or circles each circle having its professor,1955
chephren's Pyramid scene from the platform on top of the cheops's Pyramid,1963
The old town at Siwa,1960
Arab horses dancing to the music of the muzmar ,1965
fishing in the Red Sea a ferocious sea serpent,1959
A dignified fisherman,1960
Egyptian Countryside,1963
Egyptian Countryside,1963
View from the Monastery of St Catherine,1966
A monk contemplating, with the St Catherine's church, and the mosque in the background 1966
Archbishop Makarios contemplates the heaps of bones; seen behind him are the skulls of monks
Archbishop standing in front of the picture of st Catherine,1966
Arabian horse dancing,1959
Egyptian peasant woman carrying a cockerel in her arms,1956
Egyptian pure beauty,1957
Egyptian peasant woman,1959
Fisherman glides silently along the reef,1959
bedouin girl,1955
bedouin girl,1955