Ghost in the Machine
"The Birds"  Recycled 8mm flim with reel on canvas, 2009.
"Ghost in the Machine: Bob Marley" Cassette tape on canvas, 2010
"Ghost in the Machine: Betty Page" Recycled 16mm film on canvas, 2009
"Ghost in the Machine: The Clash" Cassette tape on canvas, 2009
"Ghost in the Machine: Bob Dylan" Cassette tape on canvas, 2009
"The Dude Abides"  VHS on canvas, 2009
"Ghost in the Machine: Jimi Hendrix" Cassette tape on canvas, 2008
"Ghost in the Machine: Jerry Garcia Live"  Cassette tape on canvas 2010
Did some work last year for Jung v. Matt am Neckar (German ad agency)... this was a promo for a radio station. I sculpted the cassette into designs by their art director and then sent the tape sculptures to the agency where they were photographed and made uber nice-looking. 2009 
"Ghost in the Machine: John Lennon"  Cassette tape on canvas, 2009. Published October 2009 in The Sunday Times Magazine (London). Art direction Allyson Waller.
"Ghost in the Machine: Robert Smith"  Cassette tape on canvas, 2009
Ghost in the Machine