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    Japan based professional basketball team identity http://b-corsairs.com/
Yokohama B-corsairs Identity
Yokohama B-corsairs is one of the 4 expansion teams which joined the bj league  (top professional basketball league in Japan) from 2011-2012 season. In the very first season, the team achieved to be the Eastern conference runner-up, and reached the semi-finals in the post season. It is a splendid achievement for an expansion team to advance to the Final4 in the very first season.
I spent most of my teenage years in Yokohama city, and played basketball for my own school teams. In 2011, I volunteered and won the team's public logo competition, and made the team and fans proud.

The logo includes hidden Japanese letters, the shape of the pirate hat and the outline of the crest forms each the letter of "ha" and "ma". "Hama" means "bay" in english, and it is frequently used as a shorten word for Yokohama. Also the rose on the pirates left ear is the city's symbol flower, which makes the identity sophisticated and unique.
primary logo
secondary logo
original logo concept
original mascot concept
photo: ©Yokohama B-corsairs

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