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    drugs islands
Drugs Islands
All these abandoned houses,villa's where once of big drugs mafia. These villa's and islands are now owned by the state and have private guards protecting these decayed buildings.

One of the most known drug king was Pablo Escobar (pablo Emillio escobar gaviria) born in Medellin 1949-1993. He was the most known and biggest cocaine supplier that Colombia has known. He started his career with steeling grave thumbs. Later he stole cars until he switched in selling cocaine.

Pablo became one of the richest people in the world. The problem in Colombia is when you get rich u get lots of enemy's so thats why he buy an island in the Rosaria Islands. When he died on 2 december 1993 it became property of the state.
Playing pirate checking these islands with a small kano with motor where water keeps running in. with a small bottle we keep the water out.
very small island still guarded after all those years!
house of the guard
House of Pablo Escobar
Another Guard
This house was made of coral. So thats really bad as people try to protect the corals and as this whole area is protected.
More of pablo his villa
when he died in 1993 he was still building extra parts to his residents
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