To promote the Less Ordinary of Finlandia Vodka among target market we decided to organize a less ordinary event in Yerevan. The main theme of the event was Scandinavian with northern lights, Finnish cold weather, and northern deer. The event hosted more than 700 special guests. One of the top DJs of Finland, Cid Inc. was the headliner of the night.


Client: Finlandia Vodka
Creative Director: Edgar Davtyan
Graphic Designer: Narine Avanesyan
Event Management: Armen Oganesyan, Robert Harutyunyan, Lidia Vardanyan
Photographers: Sahak Muradyan, David Galstyan
Director of Production: Narek Martirosyan
Cameraman: Hayk Frangulyan
To promote the event through Facebook we carried out thematic special photo and video shootings.
The event branded items and the venue decorations design were inspired by polar lights and less ordinary lifestyle. The invitation had a little secret in it left to be discovered by the event participants at the venue.

DISCOVERING the life less ordinary.
Live Magnificently. Drink Responsibly.

Finlandia. DISCOVER the less ordinary