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HTC One X from AT&T — Integrated Campaign

FEATURE FOCUS: Superior sound quality with built in BeatsAudio technology
HOMEPAGE MARQUEE — 30 Day Post Device Launch with Feature Video

PRODUCT DETAILS LANDING PAGE — Editorial style key features summary
ACCESSORY INTEGRATION — Take advantage of cross-sale opportunities with top selling accessories
Example: Beatbox Portable Speaker is designed to sync perfectly with the HTC One X
This all connects to related work from other channels and vendors:
HTC COOP BROADCAST ADVERTISING — Produced by HTC, TV media paid for by AT&T. 
Supports both 'Amazing Camera' and 'Its What You Do with What We Do' Brand Message
FOX PARTNERSHIP — AT&T products and technology are written into the scripts (not just placed in after the fact) for the TV show TOUCH, a recent series created by Tim Kring and starring Kiefer Sutherland. This marketing initiative was inspired by the ideas and commitment the people of AT&T demonstrate every day in driving innovation and striving to make Rethink Possible a reality, not just a tagline.
Here’s more information about some of the story line innovations featured in the series:
AT&T Translator — as featured in “Touch,” where language is no longer a barrier
Air Graffiti — leave messages “in the air” and experience augmented reality
Image Recognition — two-way communication now possible in digital signage
TRANSMEDIA — Daybreak was created as an original drama 'webisode' series that spins off from the popular Touch TV series. AT&T and BBDO developed this series with Heroes creator Tim Kring to give our customers a new way to experience our brand and innovation story across multiple layers of media. 
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HTC One X from AT&T — Integrated Campaign

HTC One X from AT&T — Integrated Campaign

PROJECT DATE: 2012 IN-HOUSE: AT&T HTC One X product launch — Includes examples of eCom, Video, Social, and Transmedia. With BeatsAudio built in, Read More