Waste of Space
Branding, logo design and advertising project
"A collision of ideas in secret locations through a series of pop-up exhibitions, music, workshops and performances. The aim is for visitors to immerse themselves in a creative trail reviving empty spaces.

The event runs for the whole of Brighton Fringe in May and is being organised by five local collectives: C'LECTIVE, Collate Presents, compARTment, Little Episodes and Pop Up Brighton. Each collective will host and curate their events in vacant commercial buildings in Brighton, giving life to dead space.

These disused properties will be turned into galleries, theatres, interactive spaces & pop-up venues to form a creative trail where everybody is paclass="main-text" id="yui_3_3_0_3_134236609407773">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer sit amet tincidunt lorem. Integer a enim a neque ullamcorper eleifend. Quisque tempor dictum purus, in pretium dui ullamcorper sodales. Mauris ante lorem, hendrerit nec blandit et, congue non velit. Proin ut tortor vel enim commodo ornare eget id nisi. Nunc sit amet tellus nibh, vel interdum dolor. Quisque tincidunt, nulla ut imperdiet placerat, magna augue elementum orci, ac sollicitudin urna turpis non sem. Aliquam erat volutpat. Proin bibendum varius vestibulum. In id justo at magna posuere pharetra quis ac nulla. Suspendisse vestibulum justo at massa imperdiet laoreet. Cras euismod adipiscing neque, ac tristique nisl luctus sit amet. Nunc accumsan felis ut lectus vulputate quis blandit sapien egestas. Pellentesque justo neque, auctor quis hendrerit vitae, tempus eget magna. Sed id lobortis augue. Nam pharetra sagittis leo, id vehicula elit faucibus sit amet. Integer facilisis imperdiet dui in commodo."

- http://www.wasteofspacebrighton.co.uk/

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