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    Some of the book covers I created in the last years, as illustrator and designr
Book Covers Illustration & Design
a selection
Donna è, Luciana navone Nosari, EtaBeta Publishing, 2015. Illustration & Design
Ciriè A.R., Culicchia, Oggero, Riccarelli, with the patronage of the city of Cirie and the Ministery of Culture City of Ciriè publishing, 2009. Illustrations.
Labirinto Manhattan, Katia Piccinni, Cartman Editition, Italy, 2008. Illustration & Design
The World of Andrea Aste, self published, 2008. Illustrations & Design
Grazie di Tutto Miss West, Dario Janese, Robin Edizioni, Italy 2012. Illustrations
Non Dire Mai il Suo Nome, Andrea Aste, Ananke Edition, Italy, 2007. Illustrations
Stelle di Carta, Luciana navone Nosari, Amazon, 2014. Illustration & Design
Torineide: De Mirabile et Inaudita Exploratione, Natural Science Museum of Turin Publisher, Italy, 2011. Illustrations & Design
Turin Tales, Various Writers, Lineadaria, Italy, 2009. Illustration