Gondola Concept Art by Ian Mcque

The Gondola is a personal project I did in my free time.
I made the 3D model, texture, render and compositing.
The scene was made with Autodesk Maya, the textures of the Gondola is completely hand painted using Autodesk Mudbox (no photos involved). It’s all about layering up the textures, starting with base colors, adding color variations and rust details. Rendered in V-Ray Chaos Group and Composition was done using Adobe Photoshop.
Concept Art by Ian Mcque

Free 3D Scene Here

Hope you like it!

Gondola - Maya Workflow
Gondola - Occlusion Render
Gondola - Wireframe Render
Gondola - Layers of textures
Gondola - Layers of textures
Gondola - Color Rule

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