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    Trade show Booth Background for Kalmar RT
Kalmar RT
Kalmar Rough Terrain Center (KRTC), Trade Show Booth Background

Kalmar Rough Terrain Center (KRTC) has the most complete line of specialized container handling equipment in the world. KRTC offers the Rough Terrain Container Handler (RT-Series) for military applications as well as Rough Terrain Container Handlers for other customers with specific needs.

The use of containers for the delivery of a wide variety of supplies is rapidly expanding within most military operations throughout the world. The peacekeeping operations in locations, such as Southwest Asia, have created situations where troops must be supported in areas where infrastructure has been destroyed or is non-existent. Armies have turned to containerization as a solution to this challenge.

Until recently there has been a lack of suitable container handling equipment in the market for these types of military operations. KRTC has the answer to container handling on unimproved rough terrain surfaces---the Kalmar Rough Terrain Container Handler.