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The Screwed Arts Collective:
Screwed Moves Process
Screwed Moves Time Lapse
Screwed Moves Promotion
Nine of Saint Louis' most recognized artists -- known as The Screwed Arts Collective -- worked together over a two week period (September 13th-27th, 2012) to spontaneously produce a one-of-a-kind, site-specific wall drawing inspired by chess in the first floor gallery of The Whorld Chess Hall of Fame. Allowing the public to join the process, watch, inspire, or just shoot the shit with the artists while they work. All work is done on 4' by 8' luan wood panels, which are all for sale individually or grouped. The walls will remain in the gallery through February 10th, 2013 for public viewing.
Music Mixed by Stan Chisholm
The Screwed Arts Collective visits Pagedale
Friday, June 1st, 2012 The Screwed Arts Collective were a part of the color, life, and meaning on the Greenway of St. Vincent Park and in the surrounding community of Pagedale, Missouri. The project was a part of a series in the park, called 'First Friday's' organized by Beyond Housing. This project, the second of the series, was in collaboration with Rebuild Foundation's 'Pink House.' The mural now lives at this 'Pink House' which is a growing community space in Pagedale, where health is emphasized, in all meanings of the word. Therefore the two murals read 'Health' and 'Health Is Wealth.' The Screwed Arts Collective generally does murals over the span of days to weeks. Yet these drawings were done in only 6 hours. With talent, creativity, and precision. It was a real honor to work so closely to such a talented collective.