Integration Now:
Integration Now is an initiative formed in the city of Recife-PE in the year 2009 by the manufacturer Jeferson Paulo. The integration was established in intituito of musical innovation in Recife: The alert instigated by the production sujere a more consistent look forward scene in Pernambuco as regards the production and style drum & bass. A year before the creation of Integration, Jeferson also produced the project caimbras poetic that it was as an electronic music project of progress, where concetrava strong poetic national and regional level.

In its two productions, Jeferson was highly praised for bringing to light music styles not common in Brazil. This has made it focasse even more critical in a production and idependente, although the demand for stamps for the launch of his work. The integration now brings a style drum & bass which differs in the Underground scene of Pernambuco, running through the sites of relationship as twit, orkut, myspace and facebook. His new production comtempla elements of Jazz, Hip Hop, MPB, and progessive Electronic explosive mixture and a single, bringing too many remixagens. Thus, the integration now goes into their productions seeking the expansion and innovation in the musical.
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