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    2012 School project - Japanese traditional crane origami made from biscuit porcelain.
   Porcelain origami cranes ~ Folds ~
        When you have to write about a thing that you worked very hard to complete, the instinct is to be subjective. The short and very objective facts: my licence project makes mention of japanese traditional crane origami, the first origami pattern created. I found myself in this world of childhood, arts, origami;  I could say a world where you create your own universe through imagination. I could say that my work is me; me being a childlike nature, playful. Kids and the games is a world that grabbed me, and makes me improve , causing me to think freely and create any idea that comes to my mind without thinking about professionalism. Combining the theme of game, artistic, plastic, with the idea of design, the concept of a piece, represents a significant accomplishment for me.
        "Ceramic, compared to other arts, is painting through chromatic, sculpture by plasticity and architecture by building".
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