One for All - All for Love. 
Made a Concept Design for this Project.

- Director: Xico de Deus.
- Project Manager: Xico de Deus, Edge Schaydegger, Wagner Valim, Enrico Tadeu.
- Concept Designer / 3D Production: Munari El-Khatib III. 
- Post Production: Xico de Deus. 
In "One for all and all for love", we made the principle of loving your neighbor yourself. To do so, we call shares to persons without discrimination of class, behavior and belief in São Paulo / Brazil.

The project unfolds in three stages:
1) donate food, clothes and objects to those in need.
2) delivery of goods and solidary actions in the streets with an approach to love.
3) to integrate a large party who gives & receives. 

All actions will be recorded on video and pictures for a documentary, a video clip and an art installation, to be displayed in the closing ceremony of the project.
The first two steps are open to participation by any person on specific dates and locations, which will be previously informed as events page on facebook. The organization of the party, as well as the realization of the artwork, are also open to the voluntary collaboration of creative professionals.

- Some Making of Pictures.