Introduce fantastic places to go at Night in BEIJING

We selected 32 places carefully from thousands of places that people can enjoy themselves in BEIJING at Night. These places contain 4 kinds of  styles -- fun, food, drink, travel. We hope people can easily find where they can go & what they can eat or drink, no matter they want to relax or just kill time. 
The Logo

Beijing square city (map) + Moon + Light = Beijing Night

Circle diameter/ Square side length = 3/6, 6 means Beijing City District 6 (currently the main map range)
The color  - basic on 4 styles of places
The icon - 32 places

We chose 32 places in BEIJING, picked up their symbols and drew icons.
FOOD: LUSH,金鼎轩,烧卖加餐厅,零点抄手,窑台四季涮肉,山城辣妹子火锅,杠上花烤肉,我家小馆,中央电视塔空中旋转餐厅,簋街;
FUN: 汽车电影院,卡丁车馆,School livehouse, mao livehouse,江湖 livehouse,愚公移山 livehouse,麻雀瓦舍,
DRINK: 后海,云酷 bar,不二酒馆,共渡 bar,印YIN bar;
TRAVEL: 三联韬奋,中国书店,抉择惊悚体验馆,三里屯,定都阁,圆明园,景山公园,奥森骑行,鬼笑石,司马台长城
The website

Users can find the 32 spots by viewing the website. 

Step1: Clicking the numbers on the map or the list of the right content, the website will guide person to the article about the introduction of the place.
Step2: Clicking the logo, you can see the introduction of the project.
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