This was recent project done for an artist Tom Krell ( "How to dress well ") He's new album " Total loss" is getting out soon and Idea for the cover was to create some kind of "death mask" of artist's face. 
First things first: a lot of ref images so that I could  digitally recreate his anatomy and get main features right. 
Biggest problem was to get things just right. It is easier when creating something that does not exist, like creatures and aliens or monsters for that matter..  

Here are some "In progress" shots and also final renders.
Tom Krell himself.
First rough sculpt
Second pass corrections
More corrections
Variations of head sculpt
Tests for materials and textures
Tests for materials and textures
Adding details and setting up composition 
Final composition Ver 0.1
Final composition Ver 0.2
Final composition Ver 0.3
Final composition Ver 0.4
Final composition Ver 0.5