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    The calligraphy / photography project

(19.01.1968, Melun - France) is a left-handedcalligrapher, painter and graphic designer.
His work is bearer of harmony of the hebrew letters,letters roman and abstract signs.
Approach to the creation of hebrew calligraphy
2004 to presence
Michel profited of his stay in Malta short after thecountry of his ancestors celebrated joining the European Union to make thegenealogical research.  This was how hediscovered the fact of one party of his family has been being of the Jewish origin.
During his voyage to Israel, some couple of monthslater, Michel found the admiration for hebrew culture.  He is fascinated mainly by the Hebrewalphabet. After his return to Paris, he started study perseveringly as aself-thought in hours and hours per week... The letters are beautiful to workwith them and Michel felt these artistic emotions in very beginning of hisartistic journey. New world has been opened to him with its new palette ofshapes and signs.
Michel discovered the cursive letters, much morelifeful, more free and modern. The primary admiration has transformed itself tothe evident and careful will: to improve and to modernize mastery of outlinesof hebrew alphabet as he likes and in the same way as he used to do with romanalphabet before.
Today, Michel takes the lessons of hebrew to feel themeaning of signs aborning under his fingers much more strongly.
The work has become diverse quickly, Michel uses newmaterials to add on value of his works of art. Photographs of beautifully writtenletters and objects of decoration make great successful profit.
As an artistic director of the visual communicationagency he creates logos and logotypes using calligraphic creations to build thegraphic images, mural stickers and decorative lightening and lamps. Hiscalligraphic creation: Decomotions was selected for publication of Designand design.com - design book of the year 2008