A graphic novel in French set in a near future in a decaying city. The main character is a smart but very lazy guy trying to get by, who works several jobs, among them private dick. But really he just likes to sleep and listen to jazz.
He takes on a small case that turns out to be hiding something much more sinister, and he gets drawn into a reality TV show run by some very sick people. The lower, poorer levels of the city where this takes place are inspired by the back alleys of Montreal and their pieced-together decrepit buildings and shacks.
Cover image.
Some non-sequential pages:
Pages are drawn in pencil on paper, then inked (lines, and washes for shadows and to add depth), and then scanned and colored in Photoshop, where I also add reflections and lighting effects. 
Penciled page.
Character sketches.
For the autonomous flying mosquito cameras that play an important part in the story and that are seen extensively in macro close-ups, rather than draw again and again the complex machinery, I build a scale model that I could photograph and composite into the drawings.
The finished model is posable, about 20 inches long, made of Sculpey and plastic sheeting with metal detailing. The eyes are actual Bolex lens screwed into the hardened Sculpey.  The model has an attachment on the bottom that screws on a tripod so it can be raised and angled for posing in-flight shots. 
Character page for the mosquito-cam, with macro shots and size comparison.