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    I love wearing tee, so i love design tee for myself and friends :)
Here are my tee design (new and old work)
Some of the tees are available at http://www.zazzle.com/bubiauyeung

Tee design for "The Charity On Art" exhibition
The graphic is especially designed for "The Charity On Art" exhibition  based on the theme "EMERGE" which is organized by Novoconcept in September 2007, only 30 tees are printed and all profit go to ORBIS.
(Tee is printed by Novoconcept)
Workaholic design for tee printing
Self-printed tee by screen printing.
Self-printed Workaholic tee on different color tees
Be Different
Self-printed Be Different tee by screen printing.
Mental Support
Self-printed Mental Support Tees in two colors.
Polar bear design for Basworkshop 2004
Panda tee
Calm Down tee design for zoofuku.com
I printed myself for portfolio use.
Tee which is made of corn

I helped Friends of the Earth to design a logo for their tree planting event.

Both  "ingeo" and friends of the earth organized the "Tree planting" event in hong kong, and ingeo sponsored 200 corn tees for all participants.

The tee quality is fine, but this tee cannot be ironed, guess they would keep improving the tee quality :)
Woob tee
Woob is the character I designed for the story Woob:
HelloBear tee
This is the tee I designed for my friend's son
Babe, you are too young to die tee
Available at: http://www.jointhemash.com/eng/shop_products.php?tee_id=22