Tights Part 1
The first part of a series of images "Inspire: A collection of images"
"Tights Part 1" is the first stage of a new photographic collection that over the summer, i hope to complete. "Inspire: A collection of images" is the name of my project, the project consists of taking six images from photographers from six different continents and creating a series of images inspired by their photograph.
My first photographer comes from Japan and is Daido Moriyama (wesbite link at bottom of the page). His photograph "tights 7" is what inspired be to do this shoot, these are the digital version but i will complete the shoot on film once the weather in england has improved.
Photographer: Andrew O'Dell (me)
Model: My girlfriend (name with held)

Feed back is as always welcome and dont forget to appreciate it really helps.
Daido Moriyama website : www.moriyamadaido.com