CaboGrill® Beverages Menu
And i drank all of those :)
Its simply great to combie things u love to do, and for me the chance to combine desing with food is just awesome!!!!!  As Chief Designer of two chains of restaurants i can abide it all the way!  Is just great to go to the photo sessions assist the photographer (Kick ASS food photographer , Michel Lubbert) and while being chillin' arond talkin' and having a great time (while working of course) u get to eat the very same food photo!!!!!!!!! :D

In this case we all drink a lot haha, margaritas, martinis u name it and we also took the photos for some appetizers so COMBO!

Anyway i think thats part of the creative feel, it gives you that mood, wih i try to imply in this desing, starting by individually desing a sticker for each category, to give them personality under an over all concept. 
Also the Desing of the Blue Bar Logo with NEONN yeah!

Had lost of fun desinging this and they look awesome on the table.

Cheers! & keep rockin'!!!!!