The Bourne Identity

I love the entire Bourne series (the one with Hawkeye is NOT a Bourne movie, accept it) it's action packed, gritty and Jason Bourne is a bonafide badass, the rest of the characters are compelling and the action is top notch! The series has a lot of heart... ok, maybe the last one wasn't really up to par but still, better than your average action romp. Anyways, the one I love the most out of all of them is the very first one, it's action packed, well acted, smart and the best car chase scene in the series. So I decided to go ahead and take a shot at making a poster for this one, just for kicks!

You can get it HERE

Hope you enjoy it and Thanks for stopping by :-)
The Bourne Identity — Alternative Movie Poster
Title Treatment
Jason Bourne
Marie Kreutz
Nicky Parsons
Ward Abbott
Alexander Conklin
The Professor
The Mini Cooper
The good guys close-up
The bad guy close-up
Obligatory linework shot
Black and White shot
Carrot Juice Overdose Variant