The project is a web based system for the Education Secretariat on different towns and cities in Brazil, to evaluate the quality of the educational program running on each region. This consists in the students' knowledge assessments applied in the system. These tests are designed by the teachers, where each question has a issue to be graded. The data are saved in the system and reported to the Education Secretariat that is applying the evaluation.  It's a project that allows the regional government to maintain a better education quality, knowing better the students and transforming the data collected into solutions and satisfactory changes in the educational system.
The client - Atte Group - wanted to redesign this system, improving the UI / UX and make the experience more attractive for the three target users: The students, the teachers and the Education Secretariat.
The design standard of the system was based on color and iconography, with the careful to not make it a complete childish experience and even so, to not make it too serious. So we divided the navigation into four parts, in a progressive interaction. The whole system is based on HTML5/CSS3 interface, transforming the experience into something lighter, faster and attractive. 
The area where the students perform the tests, was completely transformed into a fully illustrated and colorful interactive environment, making it easy to navigate through the questions. To do the tests on the computer, it needs to hold the student's attention and make them create a interest on being in front of the screen for more than 5 minutes, answering serious questions. We offered a new way to do that.
Hope you like it.
Agency:  Comma 
Client:     Atte Group
Role:       Creative Director; Art Director; Concept
Year:       2012

Form styles & behaviors
Tests registration area in 4 steps.
This area is designated for the students to answers the tests and be evaluated.
The green category called "Results", it brings the forms to seek the assessment results of the entire system. It actually give users the freedom to build filters the way they like, so the reports come exactly the way they need to. After this customizations, the user can print, export to different formats or view it on the browser.