Brand Blog Redesign
Forever 21

Forever 21 is more than clothing, it is a movement. In order to spread its message of “high fashion for all” it needed a megaphone. The new brand blog design is that amplifier. Moving from the conventional vertical, chronological blog template, the brand presents itself as more than a journailing of sorts, but as a resource for fashion. 
Below is my original design, you can see the client approved version here...
The infinite scrolling and rich imagery of the thumbnails invites the user to explore Forever 21’s voice. Selected posts are featured under the navigation to increase traffic to certain messages, promotions, and trends.The header image is changed weekly to reflect the ever changing spirit of the brand.
Thumbnail Hover-state 
When the user hovers over a post thumbnail the post is highlighted with a drop shadow. Social sharing icons also appear to allow users to quickly share the message of Forever
By clicking on a category in the nav, posts tagged with that title populate the page and the featured section.

Taking advantage of the new wide format, post images are presented landscape, mimicking the feel of an online magazine. The post thumbnails are pushed down the page making room for the post, but still keeping new content available.