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Justin Bieber in NRJ Radio // TV Spot
I have never thought that I would make animation of Justin Bieber in the rabbit costume. When Max from Agence Télévision wrote to me offering to join the project I was amazed.
I created with more than twenty other artists from around the world this illustrated advertising campaign for French radio NRJ. As Ed Sheeran tells in the video, it is the number 1 radio for new hits ;)

We were free to use our personal styles. Every artist was given sets of 3 frames, extracted from the live footage showing music artists like David Guetta and Selena Gomez.
Using those 3 frames, we drew our version of the artist in whatever design we wanted.
It could be drawing, collage, digital painting, vector, pixel art and more.

I had a lof of fun when creating the illustrations for the campaign. Hopefully you enjoy watching it! :)


Client: NRJ
Production: Agence Télévision

Concept: David Benayoun 
Réalisation: David Benayoun - Maxime Girault
Art direction: David Benayoun - Maxime Girault
Post Production: Agence Télévision


Anna Wanda
Lisa Laubreaux
Rachel Denti
Emmi Riikka
Hello Mr Frank
Geraldine Sy
Andre Coronado
Camille Chew
Natalia Uryniuk
Pixel Huh
Marylou Faure
Beto Gomez
Michael Arnold
Rodrigo Estravini
Lola Beltran
Jono Yuen
Berto Fojo
joren josua
Rick Berkelmans
Juan Molinet
Sebastien Touache
Ana Varela
Justin Bieber in NRJ Radio // TV Spot