An Italian Garage is a Web-Series of short documentaries 
on Italian Classic Car brands. The Iso Rivolta Chronicles 
will be the first of a series of single-topic seasons 
that will be published on an yearly basis.  
The Iso Rivolta Chronicles: The poster
Illustration by Elisa Vendramin, digital collage, 2016 
Typography by Christian Babuin 
Iso Rivolta is an Italian pioneering automotive brand of the 
50s and 60s. It was a family business led by Renzo Rivolta, 
who, in the late 40s, decided to transform his firm from 
producing fridges to motorcycles.
He then changed his business to automobiles. From city cars, like 
the Bubble Car Isetta, to luxury sport cars with American V8 engines. 
The most famous model is the Iso Grifo, a gorgeous turing car 
designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and Giotto Bizzarrini at Bertone. 
When Renzo died, the company went to his son, Piero Rivolta.

The Iso Rivolta Chroniclesphotography by Alessandro Venier, 2016
Iso Rivolta closed in 1974, due to the oil crisis, on one side, 
and its artisanal approach to production, on the other; the cars were 
too expensive and the production model was not sustainable anymore 
against the streamlined productions.In 8-episode story, The Iso Rivolta 
Chronicles will revive this pioneering and unfortunate brand through 
the testimonies of its tenacious collectors and restorers.
The Iso Rivolta Chroniclesphotography by Alessandro Venier, 2016

Producers: Edoardo Pedrotti, Edoardo Vojvoda
Director: Edoardo Vojvoda 
Director of Photography: Alessandro Venier 
Sound Recordist: Riccardo Vojvoda 
Aerial Shots: Claudio Zavagno, Andrea Tomio 

1st Assistant: Filippo Bortolon 
2nd Assistant: Andrea Rosasco
3rd Assistant: Paolo Giacomelli
Rentals: Re-Movie s.a.s.

Editor: Edoardo Vojvoda 
Colorist:  Edoardo Vojvoda, Alessandro Venier 
Sound DesignRiccardo Vojvoda 
Backstage Editor: Alexander Edwards
Original Score: Stefano Salmaso, Riccardo Vojvoda, Alessandro Parisi, Roberto Dazzan
Performed by: Vise & the Coconuts; Recorded at Atracoustic Studio 
Mixed & Mastered by Riccardo Vojvoda 

Graphics: Christian Babuin 
Illustration: Elisa Vendramin 
Photography: Alessandro Venier
AIG Logo: Christian Babuin 
3D Model: Michele Daneluzzo 
3D Printing: LoudLab S.n.c. 
3D Overlay: Fabio Pignatin
Model Coloring: Mirko Cal
Lighting by Lupo 

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