Layout and cover design for a book series
Student project at BAU, 2012

For this project we had to create the design for an Agatha Christie's book collection published by Penguin Books. My proposal recovers a classic look and the two ink design makes it possible to reduce the production prices, being that one of the main goals of pocket books.
The composition is sober and lets the typography do its work. For titles the voluptuous Clarendon was used because it provides with personality and the elegant Caslon was used for reviews and texts as it offers a very good readability even in smaller body sizes. Both typefaces are British, as well as Agatha Christie, making the design more coherent.
The pictures, in black and white and with analog's photography grain, show some key elements from the novel's plot. Regarding the chromatic range, the Penguin Books orange was chosen as the main colour and applied in titles and it was combined with black and white.
The general goal of the design was to transmit to an adult target that the collection is about crime and suspense and to bring the reader to another time with means like analog photography or the English typefaces.
(The pictures used for the covers belong to their owners and were only used for academic purposes. Links to Flickr: 1, 2, 3, 4 / Mockups from Pixeden)