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Digital Art Museum
SCAD Portfolios
Digital Art Museum      Studio 5-6

Location - Jacksonville, FL
The Digital Art Museum, located inJacksonville, Florida, is dedicated to showcase and preserve digital work and illustrate how digital media shapes and impacts today’s society. The arts have always been a great influence throughout the history of Jacksonville and it has been gaining momentum during the recent years. The site, in which JDAM is located, has become disconnected from the activity that populates the downtown area of Jacksonville. Inresponse of the lack of activity and interaction with the city, JDAM proposes avenue that will introduce a new medium of art and continue the ongoing movement that already exists in the city. The idea is driven by the need for a solution to the lack of interaction with the city and desire for an influence of arts, JDAM will become a catalyst that will encourage development, movement, and a sense of community to the site. In the end as a result, the goal of JDAM is toengage the public in the creating, understanding and appreciation of digitalart.

Site Analysis
Parti Diagrams
Parti Models
Site Response
Building Developement
SIte Plan
First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
Third Floor Plan
East Elevation
North Elevation
West Elevation
Section AA
Section BB
Structure Detail
Interior Perspective - Exhibition Room
Interior Perspective - Main Lobby/Atrium 
Exterior Perspective - South Facade / River Walk
Digital Art Museum