Oś Kultury w Katowicach
polimorphic identity for cultural area in Katowice (diploma work)
Oś Kultury w Katowicach (english: Axis of Culture) will be a new cultural area in Katowice (Poland).
This is a precedent for the scale of Europe and a great excuse to talk loudly about Silesia and Katowice.

In one place, on a postindustrial coal mine area, Katowice are creating a public space - parks and gardens, squares and buildings for culture, education and entertainment.

Such a big place need an identity that will link and differ all the institution at the same time. That's why the identity was decided to be polymorphic, elastic and dynamic.

The project consist of a logo built on a triangle, isometric grid (it firstly came from a hexagon form - well known symbol of coal). I divided the area to five sections: section of music, section of dance, section of art, section of meetings and section of spectacles. Each part has its own color. The colors of logo depends on how many events take place in each section (it will be counted in percents by an application - f.i if there will be only music events - the logo will be only in one color).
There are possible variations and permutations of the main part of the logo below. You can see how it could look like when permutate with or without using color. But the main goal is to generate logo by interactive application made in AS3.
What about the colors? They are not accidentaly chosen - I've made photos in every part of the area and then using Kuler chosen the predominant ones. Orange is for the brick of postindustrial buildings, green for the nature, blue for the sky and water, yellow for the color of the ground and black for the coal.
As an addition to a logo a funky set of pictograms was created. Its form refers to regional art, clothes and so on. The pictogram of man is symbolized by a miner and a pictogram of woman is symbolized by a young Silesian girl in colorful dress. The rest of the set was created the same way.  Each section (music, art, meetings...) has its own set in proper colors.
When thinking about promotion of the area I designed a serie of illustrations. They will appear on billboards, citylights, postcards and many other stuff. The possibilites are great - there are as many aillustration as many combinantions of pictograms can be done.
The identity consist of many addidtional gadgets of course: buttons with permutating K, can packaging for t-shirts, packaging paper, shopping bags and so on and so on...
Everything that I designed is in a huge brand book with all the specifications, measurements
and examples of use.