Ambient Electronic Album Art
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    Presenting 4 electronic album concepts.
Presenting 4 album designs, my aspiration is to work with music I love. Over the past few months I’ve been focusing on Electronic atmospheric music. A small section of what Ilisten to while working. 
‘Lucky Shiner’ by GoldPanda; Atmospheric and emotionally resonant electronic music. Gold Panda often draws on a distinct if diffuse Asian influence, employing a wide array ofEastern sounds and timbres — bells, flutes, strings, chanting, percussion, etc.This and specifically the track ‘same dream china’ heavily inspired thedirection of my work. It struck me that a Chinese Buddha encompasses all of the themes within the album, fits with the title ‘Lucky Shiner’ and reflects the uplifting tone throughout the album.
Joe Synkro’s EP ‘EverybodyKnows’ is dark and extremely atmospheric. So atmospheric infact I decided to represent the title track by creatingan environment and atmosphere. The noise of trickling water is present throughout and waves of R&B vocal samples seem ghostly. I created a sunken and eroded room and wanted it to feel full of memories. The bokeh light effects and sunlight mimic the higher more uplifting overtones within the track.

‘Four Tet’ is a bigname in electronic music and his fifth album delivered more uplifting experimental sounds. I find his music abstract and interesting, I love the contrasting sounds and drops in the album. My design is object based, different textures and colours to represent the various sounds. I used Dynamics, Cinema4D’s physics engine to then physically drop my objects and mimic the music.
Burial is darker still, a groundbreaking album that to me represents urban melancholy. His name is so apt and I wanted to produce an image that was simple and striking. Layers and layers of intricate shards hint to something buried. I decided to make the font quite ambiguous, almost hidden within the artwork. Nothing in this album seems solid or constant, the whole album sounds like a hazy memory.
For the projects in their entirety visit: @tomalexbuch