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    Provenance products are currently stocked in John Lewis stores, at and at La Rinascente Stores in Italy. The range will be avai… Read More
    Provenance products are currently stocked in John Lewis stores, at and at La Rinascente Stores in Italy. The range will be available in further international outlets soon. Provenance product materials: Provenance products are manufactured exclusively from ecological materials: 100% reclaimed teak (100% post consumer waste), 100% recycled glass (100% post consumer waste), 100% renewable cork (100% sustainably harvested). The teak provenance story: Teak has been used as the building material of choice across Indonesia for hundreds of years, generating a surplus of redundant teak materials. The teak used in Provenance products is reclaimed from columns, beams, window and door frames etc, which tend to come in irregular shapes with unevenly distributed faults. By cutting the teak into small block form rather than large sections, and reassembling these blocks into larger pieces, Provenance maximises the amount of the material that can be reused. Read Less
Provenance Packaging
'this was' and 'this is now' packaging to reinforce the brand story
Provenance makes high-quality homeware products fromrecycled, reclaimed and renewable materials.
As the packaging has to sell the story of the materials asmuch as the product, the brand language ‘this is now’ and ‘this was’ is used onthe face and reverse of each product’s packaging, to introduce the story of itsprovenance. 

In keeping with the products, the packaging is designed toachieve high shelf and low environmental impact. Strong orange is used for theboxes to draw attention to the display, the corrugated board for these boxes is100% recycled (100% post-consumer waste), and is left unbranded to encouragereuse (but can be easily recycled). It is self-coloured to make any in-storedamage less visible, reducing the need for re-boxing.
Branding is restricted to the paper sleeves, which are madefrom 80% recycled paper (80% post consumer waste with 20% eco-pulp from FSC-certifiedsources), with minimal ink coverage and no foil blocking to ensure they can bereadily recycled. Sleeves minimize waste when adapting packaging to differentlanguages. Where products are boxed, the sleeve carries a simple line drawingto identify the contents instead of photography for a cleaner aesthetic, as theretailer will always display the physical products. Where possible, cut-outsframe the material of each product, drawing attention to it as much as to thecompleted product, which should only be one form the material takes in a widerjourney of recycling. 

Like the products themselves, all Provenance packaging ismade from materials that are 100% recyclable.