Green Olives Packaging Design

I just got a copy of Cinema 4D (3D software) and wanted to try and bring some packaging to life. I had a label I designed in the past for a green olive packaging design. I wanted to design a bottle that mimicked a martini shaker. I started with the bottle itself and added a silver cap. I then added all of the olives and even the lemon peels. Once I got the bottle built, I added the original label on to it and started to light it in Cinema 4D. It was quite the challenge, but fun to see all come together in the end. 

Below is the concept write-up:
This project explores new innovations in packaging design for the Green Olive market. A flavor profile (Twist of Lemon) was created to enhance your favorite martini. Based on the nostalgic 50’s and 60’s cocktail bar, the Green Olives are housed in a glass jar shaped like a vintage cocktail shaker—a stylistic addition it any martini serving tray. 

CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Juliann Furr - Launch Point
Thanks for your time and interest in my work. Cheers!