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    Project SEM 1
Project SEM 1
Seven Candy
Brand marshmallow "SEVEN CANDY" idea comes up from No. 7 and get the blue color. Select Seven - No. 7 as the brand name to conjure the perfect sense, sending a message:"SEVEN CANDY" with 7 full flavor will make your life as the seven notes make up a song, 7 colors to create rainbow, seven wonders of creating beauty in the world, 7 days a week makes , 7 words made ​​up of "SUCCESS". Logo full, soft rounded contours instantly create impressive product: it's marshmallow.
Blue is the color of cereal non clean and fresh. It also shows the youthful, dynamic, outstanding. Color non nuggets that feeling safe and clean - very important factors when it comes to food, shows a youthful, fresh and dynamic - essential for customers that"SEVEN CANDY" target: teens.