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future BlackBerry?
Time will tell... 
Cloudy days for Black Berry, not only didn’t Playbook grasp people by their hearts but also Black Berry’s latest iteration of their mobile OS 10 was postponed to 2013. Add to that the 70% stock prices drop and laying off about 30% of RIM’s workforce and the whole picture isn’t exactly what you would call idyllic. As RIM struggles hard to keep people’s migration towards Android and iOS, they might seriously consider partnering with Microsoft and moving to Windows Phone 8. On the other hand Microsoft is trying hard to position their newest and upcoming mobile OS as a solution suitable for business world. What better way to appeal to this specific target group than acquiring a brand (or whole company for that matter) which is already one of the most recognized solutions in the mobile world. Surely two pigeons don’t make an eagle, but this move could really boost both Microsoft’s and RIM’s position in the smartphone market dominated by the fierce competition. Undoubtedly, the next few months will be critical for RIM. Unless they take up some steps the company might face a similar and grim situation as Nokia does. Let’s hope for the best and in the meantime here’s what could the unborn child of MS and RIM look like.