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    My final year project
My final year project
A brand new way to clean teeth for your dog
Have you ever brushed teeth for you dog ?  As long as you have, you will find what a disaster it is. 
And if you search for help on YouTube, you will see this video.
So, there must be something wrong in the brushing process. Does the brush need a redesign? 
Is it comfortable to hold ? Is it suitable for the dog mouth?
This is my original design

Maybe it's a good redesign of the brush. BUT, it is still a brush and can't solve any problems!

What's difficult in this project is that you not only have to consider the human factor but also the dog's physiological characteristics and the interaction of man and dog. And interaction is a hardest part.
Products on the market and the redesign I made have the same problem: They do not meet the need of interactive features. So I need to find another way. While playing with my dogs, I got some terrific ideas.
An inspiration from playing
Some sketching
1:1 Structure model
Structure testing
Introducing Qring
Cleaning while playing!
1:1 Clay model
1:4 Silicon model for testing the transformation
1:1 Prototype
As my final year project, Qring is not a mature product. To be a real product, it needs more experiments and further design. To explore how the structure should be and what material should be chosen. But I'm still satisfied with my final design. And thank you for reading.
The lovely dog above is a beagle named Kaiser. Visit him on Flickr!

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