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    Some patches I've designed. All embroidered locally in Barcelona.
Here are some patches I designed lately.
Coming from a sketch in a corner of one of my sketchbook pages, here's Krilin Dragon Head a hero from an imaginary 8bit retro game.
☞ If you like Krilin Dragon Head, you can find it here. 
The Buccaneer of Illustration was born inspired by those cool patches on leather jackets, pirates and illustrators. If you are an illustrator, you may feel identified with it, because illustrators were born to draw. And will never stop.
☞ You can find the Buccaneer of Illustration treasure here.
If you are from the design area, you may be familiar with pangrams, or at least, with the sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog“. This patch is some silly joke making reference to that sentence, but instead of a dog, that quick brown fox is jumping over a lazy hot dog…
☞ If you like pangrams and would like people to ask you what does this patch mean, you can find it here.
☞ All patches are embroidered locally in Barcelona.

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