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    A self portrait for computer illustration. All done in photoshop except for the line drawing of the figure. Based on my fear of water.
Self Portrait
Under Water
The third project from my conceptual illustration class. The first project in photoshop. I tend to focus on my fears so I created this picture around my fear of water. Mostly murky water that's hard to see in. This is the process I went through to create the final image. 
The 50 thumbnails before starting on the final. Roughly 2x3 in graphite.
The final line drawing ready to be colored. Was drawn in graphite but I changed the line to be lighter brown instead of black after scanning it in.
Three of the color schemes I created.  The one on the left became my final.
The final image! I used the brush tool and layers for everything except for the original line drawing which I scanned in.