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On The Road - Travelling with the Photographer
Exhibition & Signage
How can you experience photography in a new way? On The Road - Travelling with the Photographer marks the first in a series of exhibitions showcasing the Nationaal Archief’s photography collection of over 14 million images. The selection is a journey through history showing the prominence of travel in the development of photography.

Images from renowned international photographers: Ed van der Elsken, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, Luc Timmers, Herbert Ponting, Cas Oorthuys, Sem Presser, Willem van de Poll among others are on display.
Our complete exhibition design contains several unique ways to experience the collection. Upon entering, the Infinity Room places photography in the current day, precisely the current second. The room is completely covered from floor to ceiling with images streamed from the web demonstrating the saturation of photography today.
To combat this fast paced world two unique photo chairs offer the visitor an opportunity to sit, observe and truly appreciate one single photo. They can even close the surrounding curtain to enhance the privacy and peace and quiet of the moment.
Since this will be the first in a series of exhibitions, the entire structural design is made from a modular system that can be easily deconstructed and rebuilt in different layouts for future exhibits. Also, especially for this exhibition we devised a new quick yet secure hanging system allowing all work to be hung in less than half the previous time.
Most of the exhibition contains black and white photography, this is where the Colour Room takes emphasis. This separate room presents a selection of colour photos in a completely different atmosphere. You are transported into a different world just as colour photography did at its arrival.
Extra photos: Anne Reitsma
On The Road - Travelling with the Photographer