Logos, letterings and print designs 2016
Logos, letterings and print designs.
A compilation of commissioned and self initiated projects 
selected from 2016.

Client: Hawkers Co / Wolfnoir
Client: Hawkers Co.
Client: Drinksmith Bar
Client: Hart & Iron Supply Co.
Client: Hawkers Co.
Client: Hawkers Co.
Client: Personal
Client: Santa Monica's Coffee Company
Client: Bolt Motor Co.
Client: Melou Clothing
Client: Landia (Coca-Cola TV Spot).
Client: Personal
Client: Banger Graphics
Client: Bonjour Tattoo Parlour
Client:Various clients
Client; Rejected illustrated identity proposal
Client: Psyop (Cricket Wireless TV spots)
Client; Love of Lesbian
Client: Aurora and the Betrayers
Client: Personal project, Betrayer typeface (used above).
Client: Personal Project (Typeface Design)
Client: Personal 
Client: Municipal Prints Co.
Client: Personal
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