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Animated GIF for Pictoplasma's CharacterStareDown fun: look into her eyes, the first to look away loses the game. Good luck :p

"It's Ok To Just Be"
This nice commission for Wil Kristin through Dreame got me trying out a mix of vintage french sci-fi comics (namely Jean Giraud AKA Möbius) with a pleasant emphasis on the outline, and psychedelic illustrations, printed on textured  paper. Enjoy!

"I'll Be What You Need Me To Be"     /     "I'll Be What You Want Me To Be"

Animated version of a Åphantasia, 50×70cm, 2018. 
Åphantasia, or the mental illness that makes you unable to imagine, made after a real one, aphantasia, which is used for people who don't have a mind's eye: the most extreme cases can't form even a fuzzy, shapeless picture in their mind. This woman is harvesting mushrooms, and inhaling their extract, but to no avail, as her mind stays desperately sharp, rational, and no hallucination breaks the emptiness of her imagination.



Tu me soûles !
Was to be published in the fantastic Black Book of Words, touring the world with bad language illustrated by natives, featuring great artists like Piet Parra, Daan Botlek or Geneviève Gauckler.In French, we have that expression, "Tu me soûles !", which is not the most rude thing to say, but sure makes you feel bad: it means something between "You make me drunk" (like, someone is so annoying (s)he makes you dizzy) and "I'm full of you" (like you have suffered that person so much you can't take it any more). The project's creator unfortunately vanished without a trace.

eBook cover design for David Michael Miller's The Becomer, featuring a man who wanted to become everyone, genetics, philosophy and nanorobots.
Scornifelis Bibliophilus, inspired  by strange old illustrations of exotic animals or legendary beasts by artists such as Pieter van der Aa.

"You Can Only Take So Much Freedom"