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    Website and an application for teachers to organize their career and make it easier and more effective.
What is Jadwal & Tahdeer
It is a schedule that organizes teacher’s career through adding the materials he/she teaches to this schedule, and then obtaining the academic and educational files for each material, in addition to a weekly task menu which includes other features to make their career easier.
Jadwal&Tahdeer Consists of the following features :
Task note: to control your weekly tasks, whether they are repeated or one-time tasks,
My schedule: to control teacher’s weekly and daily schedule and the materials he/she teaches through it,
Important & Quick Links: it includes teacher’s materials, classes, files, papers and achievement file with the possibility
  to calculate delay and absence hours in addition to timelines and vacations to come,
My Statements: A private space for students, their names and marks in materials taught by the teacher.
Easy to use
The interface of the website and the application is easy to use to enable teachers of all age groups to use the application easily and effectively, making the access to all parts easier and uncomplicated.
The website is available to use and try, jadwalwtahdeer.com
The application is available for Android devices in a demo version
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