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Drumstick Tile Stickers
Le other bread and butter
This is the second line of products of my design unit Drumstick.
These tile stickers are designed to be the same exact size, texture, and shine of bathroom and kitchen tiles to give people the liberty to control the look of their spaces easily and affordably.

Each collection is based on a different school of Egyptian design or art. This collection celebrates Mid Century Egypt. Egyptian design during the 40's, 50's, 60's, and 70's. At the time where lack of computers and colors would be considered an obstacle, publishing flourished in creating even more daring and iconical designs. Headlines were drawn by hand, photos were painted over, and films were photocopied manually.
This admirable and sharp approach to life was also mirrored socially. At that time Egypt enjoyed an epic balance of genuine grace, poise, knowledge, and a high sense of pride,patriotism, and respect.