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BBS RS 3D Wheel Model
CAD Model of the Timeless Classic and others.  
Here I have created a 3D CAD Model of the classic BBS RS 3- piece split wheel. This was a personal project that was completed in my free time to help keep my SolidWorks skills up to scratch. The model was created using just images of the wheels as reference- there were no dimensions/engineering drawings available. 

The model comprises of 6 separate components- the Drum, Face, Lip, Nut Cover, Centre Cap and Bolts. These have all been created individually to fit together in the final assembly of the wheel. The first image below shows an exploded view where you can clearly see each part of the model.  
By using come of the same parts from the BBS model and just creating a new face, it was possible to make models of other wheels. A CAD version of the OZ Turbo wheel was created in the same manner as the BBS RS- using just pictures as reference. A slightly downsized Mercedes AMG Split rim was also made.