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    TT Chocolates Condensed – the dessert fontfamily with a great aftertaste!

Have you heard the expression, 'you can never have too much chocolate'? We completely agree with this point of view and are gladly presenting you the TT Chocolates Condensed fontfamily, the narrow version of your favorite TT Chocolates. Keeping its sisters' best features, TT Chocolates Condensed has significantly broadened its opportunities scope and application areas. It can do any work: be the essential branding element, appear 
in large heading and display text arrays, or simply and elegantly find its palace 
on confectioneries packaging. 
TT Chocolates Condensed is an elegant geometric sans-serif which can be used 
as the main ingredient of your design, or you can add it as a tasty accent. We offer you 
the formula that has become TypeType's classic, a set consisting of 10 typefaces 
(Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, Black & Italics), and perfect optimization of the fontfamily. 
TT Chocolates Condensed can be freely used for web-sites, mobile applications and any printed materials.