The Runner — Short Film

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Synopsis: Ever since Robert Franks’ wife was brutally murdered in the middle of the day at a neighborhood super market as she cried for on-lookers to help, he has been obsessed with finding that “super hero” out of normal people.Franks' obsession leads him to kidnap high profile athletes as he challenges them to save the life of an innocent woman, which he holds hostage in his home. He creates nearly impossible challenges for the athletes to save the women; but before they can accept the challenge, he gives the athlete the choice of risking their life through the impossible challenges he has set up to save the innocent woman or saving themselves instead. His premise for the challenge: a real hero will be both selfless and able to summon the “heroic” ability needed to save someone (even a total stranger) whose life they know is in danger. The very kind of person his wife Linda needed to save herself from her assailant. He believes this is his new calling: to find, in our selfish society, that “hero” who will be selfless and heroic for the purpose of a complete other. The women he kills in the process, he believes, are a sacrifice for this venerable purpose.However, he may have met one person who is up for his challenge.
Unemployed Hercules Productions with VoxAvila Studios Presents
A C.I. Aki Film
Executive Producer: C.I. Aki
Producer: Eric Deuce
Director of Photography: David Avila
Written and Directed by: C.I. Aki