RootCases Website
A New look for an Online Store Selling Handmade Wooden Cases for Apple Products
RootCases are the creators of sustainable, quality wood cases for iPhone 4, iPad, & MacBook Pro. In a world filled with technology, it has become increasingly difficult to get in touch with nature and take a moment to appreciate simplicity. The redesign of their website embodies all of that. This project included brand development and complete design of RootCases' visual persona. The project began with three distinct directions defined as  mood boards; and carried though to a complete and finished website. One that proved to be a profitable switch for RootCases, as they sold out of product the first month it was launched.
Eco-Chic | This application pushes fashion—not in a vogue or runway direction, but in a comfortable, bohemian sense. It portrays a organic and playful type of couture.
Earth Lovers  | A modern approach to Zen, this direction is direct, but undemanding. Being quiet­ and meditative, it is a company for the outdoor enthusiast.
Nature's Footprint | An ethnic or tribal approach to the organic market. It represents a wholesome and intuitive lifestyle that focuses on replenishing the earth as it gently uses it’s resources.