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I have planned to complete this project in one month, but as every piece of the series got filled with more and more meaning, it took me over a half a year. Every piece and the project in its entirety are comprehended and contain several  storylines. I will not disclose them. I am sure it will be interesting for you to look into the pieces closely and discover more and more new details. Hope it will be an exciting journey, which you are going to like! Enjoy!

1.       In the beginning, he created the lines. The lines were simple and plain.
2.       And he said, “Let there be shapes,” and the lines combined into shapes.
3.       And he said, “Let there be objects,” and he gathered shapes together into objects. And it was so.
4.       And he said, “Let there be the meaning breathed into the objects.” And it was so. He breathed the meaning into the objects and the objects took the meaning. And he saw that it was good. 
5.       And he said, “Let there be inspiration to nourish the idea and bring the objects to life.” And it was so.  He used the inspiration and the idea arose. And he saw that it was good.
6.       Then he said, “Let the idea bear its fruit and fill everything with life.” And he saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.
7.       And then there was time for contemplation of the results of his work.